Review of Strength Shop Woman's Olympic Weightlifting Bar - Spring Steel Shaft

26/05/2013 19:43


After receiving the bar, I must say that I was initially impressed.  The overall finish of the bar is good and the knurling is nice, but there are some issues straight away. 


The sleeves are built with screw in end caps.  This is normally a good way of doing it, but on the bar I have the end caps unscrew themselves regularly. 

The spin on the sleeves is ok but the construction of the sleeves uses circlips on the inside.  This is a perfectly acceptable way of doing it, but not is the bar knurl rubs on the clip.  This causes a rough spin.


This is obviously not an Eleiko bar, and it sure is not Eleiko prices, but it is an acceptable piece of kit to start with.  I just wish they had taken a tiny bit more care when designing it.