Olympic Weightlifting Workshop - Chertsey

30/11/2013 17:19
I am running an olympic weight lifting workshop every Thursday at 7:30pm in the gym.  I  am an experienced personal trainer and a competitive Olympic Lifter who has won a bronze medal in my weight class for England.
The session is run as a small group so everyone has some 1:1 time with me so I can share some of my knowledge. The sessions are ideal for the beginner or more experienced athlete who requires refinement of their skills.
My approach is non-judgemental and professional. Everyone is welcome and the sessions are the perfect introduction into Olympic Weight Lifting as a sport or for an athlete who wishes to include olympic lifting into their existing training as supplementation to an existing programme.
The Olympic Lifting Sessions
The olympic moves you will be learning are the snatch, the clean and the jerk. Each movement is broken down into key parts and the different parts of the moves and assistance exercises are practised before the complete movement is put into motion. Olympic Lifting is very technical but under the eye of a good coach, the olympic lifting moves are well broken down and easy to pick up and then piece back together.