Adidas AdiPower 2012 Weightlifting Shoes Review

11/02/2012 17:04

I took a day off from Personal Training in Guildford to celebrate my Birthday.

One of my presents, and my favourite, was a new pair of Weightlifting shoes to replace my old Adidas Ironwork Shoes.  These are the, brand new for London 2012, Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting shoes.

To start with, they are simply beautiful.  The main shoes is actually made from leather although it does not look like it.  This means they are going to last a very long time. 

They are also incredibly lightweight.  This is due to their simplistic design with only a few separate parts.  (The more individual parts, the more glue and stiches, the more weight).

It is clear that Adidas felt the pressure from the release of the Nike Romeleos because the designs are very similar.  This however does not mean the new Adipower Shoe suffers from the overweight problem the Nikes did.  These new shoes are light, really light!

When I first put them on I can tell you they come up a tiny bit longer than old Adidas sizes, but when I bent my forefoot in them, the leather dug into my foot in a bad way.  After a bit of softening and use they have eased off a little bit.

Overall, they are great!  I even Snatched a PB in them on the first outing!


Sam X